Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Blackening the beginning of the new year...

22 X 16 IN
55.88X40.64 CM
Coal Mixed Acrylic on Acrylic Yarn on Painted Wood Chassis

First painting of 2016, continuing the idea of using Coal from the region I was living in as an additive to the paint. This painting was done quite different from the one in 2015, I only mixed the Coal in with the texture instead of dropping the coal on top of the already painted substrate. I decided the previous painting had so much coal on it that it became a bit of a kitschy visual statement. Too out front instead of subtle which is what I work to accomplish in these paintings, a powerful tension and release, but with subtle associations to dimensionality and the void. Maybe even not with the void, but something much less talked about, the INTERIOR. Since most painters only deal with the surface, and use that to talk about voids, but what I bring to you is a REAL VOID, which I simply refer to as the INTERIOR.
This is one of 4 paintings all begun at the same time, all the same size and scale. They began as a statement on pink, but over time, only three have stayed that way. The fourth is being worked on as I type. Wrapping began today, black over Quin Violet, which is one of my favorite colors, but also one of the colors I very rarely work on. I like it so much I never want to try to overdo it with paintings in that color. White and Black are the two colors I can seem to make 100's of paintings in without getting tired of it, maybe it has to do with what scientists refer to as NON-COLORS. Which I personally think is bullshit, they are born of pigments, which means they ARE colors. They have to be born somewhere.

Thanks! Enjoy the imagery, click the images and they will open much larger, if you save them to your hard drive, they will be saved even larger. Swim in the details.


Jeffrey Collins

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