Thursday, September 6, 2007

"07-24-2007 (New Floors)"

"07-24-2007 (New Floors)" A/WF/C 25.13" X 24" W

This is my first painting completed in 2007. It has a beautiful chocolate looking overlay of color, making the painting almost look like you wanna eat the thing. As I was working on the steps to create this painting, I stumbled upon a new writing from myself.

“Subconscious Painting”

Jeffrey Collins

A look at my newest painting that I am involved with.

I watch the wood putty as it dashes and glides about the canvas,

In my ever chaotic ways of addition and subtraction of the surface.

The putty herein lies my subconscious mind…

The subconscious self that slightly manifests itself on the surface

Of the newly primed canvas.

I have been told on so many hundred occasions,

That there IS imagery within

My ever so abstract paintings.

Even though I am in a constant struggle

To make a painting with no representational imagery.

Through the wood putty and my improvisations,

I subconsciously allow my innermost

Cravings and tenderous thoughts.

With this painting that was begun on Monday May 28th 2007

I begin again,

Only to consistently find even more about myself…

My thoughts…my art.

Here are a few of the detailed images of the painting. You can see the amounts of detail within the painting are too much for a single photo to say.

Enjoy. Jeffrey

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