Tuesday, September 18, 2007

CJ Collins

Now a lot of you might think that CJ is a relative of mine. But I doubt it very little, as I've always been of the thought that our family name makes us in some way related to each other. Perhaps one day I'll know for sure.

CJ is a wonderful person I met online a couple years ago, was stunned by her work, the line the formless forms she was working on at the time, which she has grown that painting into an even more abstract style of painting, restricting her use of color to black on white or black on this deep orange as you see above. Or to the paintings on kraft paper that is used for grocery bags at the supermarket. Her work is not used in supermarkets, just to clarify that.

I had the pleasure of having a sit down with her in 2004 when I first visited NYC, which I really need to get back there. She's got an amazing space to paint, huge walls, huge ceiling that really lends itself to making quite large paintings. We spoke about the state of the painting crisis that is still going on today, all because people seem to be more into purchasing work that is representative instead of putting their faith into a painting that will allow the collector to grow with it over time. Painting in it's abstract form doesn't let you in immediately...it's like a relationship...it takes time to grow.

CJ just let me know of a new show of hers that just had the opening, said it went very well. I wish I could have been there for her to show support and to see how these wonderful paintings look inside a gallery as opposed to the studio of the artist. Paintings seem so much more personal while in the studio of the artist than they do in the gallery.

Look and enjoy.


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