Monday, September 3, 2007


My first addition is my newest painting, the title is also the date it was finished. It had been sitting on my painting wall for a couple weeks waiting to be finished. I guess I had a bit of a fear of finishing it. I was working with a color I barely even touch. Even though I love the color Orange, I've had quite a bit of trouble working with it in a painting in the past. I guess it being a finished painting just shows how much I believe I have grown as a painter in the last 9 years that I have been seriously painting.

This painting is 24" wide X 25.13" tall, and like all others is Acrylic and Wood Filler on Canvas.

Here, you can view the detailed images of my newest painting. They show the definition that creates the texture across the body of the canvas. Only standing right in front of this painting will you have a better viewing of this painting.

The thing I love about this detail pic is the amounts of detail that are within it. You can really see what the wood filler does to the canvas and the residual covering of the canvas, not just the big gestures, but also the little ones too.

Here you get a raking photo of the canvas and a little bit more of a chance to see the painting from it's side and to see just how much the wood filler is put upon the facade of the painting.

Enjoy....until next time.

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