Monday, September 3, 2007

I've only just begun....

Welcome. I have decided to unleash this material out into the world of the piranhas of artistic culture. I needed a space to go and be able to constantly update with new paintings and the odd video of the painting itself...which I use to help the viewers see more of what the painting would look like in person.

My paintings are filled with so much detail that the basic digital photograph does not entirely do the painting justice. Now truly the best way to view paintings is in person. But while I am in Ohio, I have to use any and all means necessary to give the viewer and collector every possible venue to see and experience what the painting would look like in that beautiful white cube called a gallery.

We begin our ride with a pic of my newest painting, which was just finished Friday get to view it here in it's birthing state while the paint was still wet. Man I love pics like this.

Cheers! Jeffrey

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